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Muscle Building Steroids

Do you want qualitative steroids, want safe steroids, but above all you want the best muscle building steroids eve?. There are literally hundreds of different anabolic steroids and when we include all the various brands (Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories) we are left with choices that go into thousands. For the newbies this can be overwhelming, and even for many veterans of the game it can still present a difficult choice. You have the ability to educate yourself by reading this and other information on this topic (Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories). Even so, the question remains, what are the best muscle building steroids?


5 Legends With a Enviable Physique

An image is worth a thousand words, but in bodybuilding, a good image of an impressive and well-sculpted body is worth volumes. It's about legends, those who have transformed their bodies into masterpieces. Here are the top 5 most representative bodies of bodybuilding, who have left their mark on the scene and beyond. They have made a career on the big screens, but only after years of toil in the gym. They are some of the most influential men in sport: 1. Sylvester Stallone 2. Frank Zane 3. Serge Nubret 4. Dorian Yates 5. Arnold Schwarzenegger


Ten Commandments nutrition for weight gain

Bodybuilding world is confused. There are several ways that can be approached the same problem. However, some things are written in stone. Rules, commandments if you want iron muscle. These rules are taken into account when trying to increase muscle mass. Perhaps many call themselves "how hard can it be to put on?". But for some people is very difficult. Furthermore, the purpose is to make you as many muscles and less body fat, not turn you into a fat ball. Fat is your friend when you want to take in body mass, but that does not mean you have to increase! Those who gain weight easily should address things more moderate for others, strictly follow the 10 commandments nutrition for weight gain.


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Active substance: Testosterone Acetate 32mg, Testosterone Decanoate 147mg, Testosterone Propionate 73mg, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 73mg, Testosterone Cypionate 125mg
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Strombaject Aqua

Active substance: Stanozolol
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Clenbuterol 40

Active substance: Clenbuterol Hydrochloride
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Active substance: Clenbuterol hydrochloride
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Danabol 50

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Primobol Tablets

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Active substance: Testosterone Propionate 30mg, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg, Testosterone Isocaproate 60mg, Testosterone Decanoate 100mg
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  How to Use Anabolic Steroids?

  Each bodybuilder who cares about his health and future must ask himself if he is enough informed about anabolic steroids (balkan pharmaceuticals) before using them, no matter what kind of steroids (balkan pharmaceuticals) those are, oral or injectable The steroid use presumes steroid cycles. By steroid cycle (balkan pharmaceuticals) we understand a period of time, usually 8-16 weeks when one uses any of these performance enhancing drugs. Normally bodybuilders stack or combine steroids for a better effect. Each steroid (balkan pharmaceuticals) has its own effect over the human body, so it is a good idea to combine them in order to obtain the wanted result.

 One of the most popular steroids is testosterone and dianabol (balkan pharmaceuticals). Testosterone is an injectable steroid (balkan pharmaceuticals) , the most potent, naturally occurring androgen that is formed in the human body. It is responsible for characteristics specific to males and their sexual traits.

There are four kind of testosterones from

      - testosterone enanthate

      - testosterone cypionate

      - testosterone propionate

      - testosterone suspension

The second most popular steroid is Danabol (balkan pharmaceuticals), which has many trade names as: naposim, methanabol, methanoplex,anaobol, averbol etc. (balkan pharmaceuticals). Bodybuilders call it shortly dbol. It's active substance is methandienone or methandrostenolone (balkan pharmaceuticals). That is an oral steroid (balkan pharmaceuticals) with pronounced anabolic or androgenic effect on body. Those who use it will quickly see results in mass, power and good mood.

 The most popular and the best first steroid cycle (balkan pharmaceuticals) is a stack of testosterone and dbol for 8-12 weeks. On the paper it looks this way:

Weeks Products

1-4 dbol 40mg/day 1-12 testosterone 500mg/week split into 2 injections

 An important aspect is the fact that steroids (balkan pharmaceuticals) will decrease natural testosterone production and after the cycle is done you will not be in a favorable state. In order to avoid muscle loss after the cycle is over, you need to take products which will restore the natural testosterone production (balkan pharmaceuticals). Such products are: nolvadex and pregnyl. 

After a cycle, a two months break is needed before you may start another cycle. Using steroids (balkan pharmaceuticals) correctly will bring you benefits and a good looking body! 

   What are Anabolic Steroids?

 Anabolic steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) are synthetic derivatives of the male sex hormone - testosterone. The term steroid is the generic term given to compounds that contain in their structure a sterol nucleus (Balkan Pharmaceuticals). The correct name of this class of substances is "anabolic-androgenic steroids" (Balkan Pharmaceuticals), considering the chemical structure and the effects of androgenic (promoting masculine characteristics) and anabolic (promoting muscle development) they produce.

 Anabolic steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) were synthesized in the '30s to treat hypogonadism, a condition in which the testes do not produce enough testosterone (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) for growth, development and normal sexual functioning. Their main medical use is treatment, delays growth of some types of impotence, breast cancer or weight loss due to HIV infection or other diseases. They are also used by veterinarians to promote weight gain and vigor of animals (cats, dogs, cattle and horses) and to treat anemia(Balkan Pharmaceuticals)

 In 1929 was implemented a process for obtaining a potent extract of bull testicles, and in 1935 this extract was obtained in a purified form. One year later, three researchers named Ruzicka, Butenandt and Hanisch simultaneously synthesized this compound, testosterone (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) from cholesterol. This was the first anabolic steroid ever obtained and underlies all derivatives that are used today in medicine(Balkan Pharmaceuticals).

 The sportsmen and bodybuilders use anabolic steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) simply because they want to improve the size and strength of their muscles. They also boost aggressiveness and competitiveness, which are attractive qualities in sports.

Anabolic steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) can be recommended to promote appetite, stimulate bone growth, induce male puberty, to lessen the effects of muscle wasting from chronic diseases, such as cancer or AIDS, and may be used as a male contraceptive.

 The anabolic steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) are available both in oral and injectable form.

      How do the anabolic steroids work ?

 Steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) resemble the chemical structure of the sex hormone - Testosterone, created naturally by the body. Testosterone (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) produces male sex characteristics or strengthens, such as muscle growth, deepening of the voice. It is an important part in the development of a male organism  (Balkan Pharmaceuticals).

 Anabolic steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) increase the testosterone levels in the blood and stimulate the muscle tissue in the body to grow larger and stronger. These steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) help to rebuild the muscle tissue and increase the protein synthesis, help to grow up the amount of testosterone in the body in obvious quantities, which means that the body will develop faster, increasing muscle mass. Steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) increase muscle mass and strength and stop the muscle wasting or deposition of fat.

 Many of those who use steroids (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) say that these substances induce a state of euphoria and greater resistance to stress. These effects help to train longer and more intense(Balkan Pharmaceuticals).